Chozen Wikia Character Jimmy 01
General Information
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Brown
Family & Friends
Series Information
First appearance Pilot
Voiced by: Danny McBride
We's on the road to the Grammys!
Jimmy, Redband Trailer
Jimmy is a character in the FX series Chozen. He is a friend of title character Chozen.


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Jimmy is a former roadie who is now Chozen's go to guy and current roadie. Jimmy enjoys the use of cocaine.


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Memorable quotesEdit

"We's on the road to the Grammys!"

"Chosen for what?"

"Here my friend. You have a gun now. If anyone ever gives you shit again, you can murder them." S01E10


He's possibly a reference to the perverted skinny metalhead character - Goat, from such TV shows as MTV's Downtown, Megas XLR and also short appearances in the pilot episodes of Metalocalypse and Motorcity.