Chozen Wikia Character Ricky 01
General Information
Gender Male
Age Late twenties
Race Mexican
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Occupation(s) Rapper / DJ
Family & Friends
Series Information
First appearance Pilot
Voiced by: Michael Peña
Cool Kids!
Ricky, Redband Trailer
Ricky is a main character in the FX series Chozen. He is a struggling rapper in his late twenties, and a friend of title character Chozen.


Ricky, along with his good friend and stage partner Crisco, is a struggling rapper at the bottom of the Hip-Hop pecking order. The duo are at such a low point in their careers, that they have been reduced to performing for kids birthday parties. Loyal friends of Chozen, his rise to fame may be their chance to finally break into the big time.


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Memorable quotesEdit

"Cool Kids!"

"...and shit."

"I met the Ultimate Warrior one time...but he just called me a brown Asshole"

"Hey! If you were stuck in a sex desert, wouldn't you want some to give you a cold glass of pussy?"