Tracy Cullens
Chozen Wikia Character Tracy 01
General Information
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Family & Friends

Chozen (brother)

Series Information
First appearance Pilot
Voiced by: Kathryn Hahn
You're shitting with the door open...?
Tracy, Redband Trailer
Tracy Cullens is the college-age sister of title character Chozen. After his release from prison, Chozen moves in with Tracy, who is disgusted and embarrassed by nearly everything her brother says and does. The Redband Trailer appears to show Tracy calling Chozen "Phil," leading to speculation that Chozen's given name is Phillip. Her brother's mugshot placard bears the last name "Cullens," and it is therefore assumed this is her last name as well.


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For now not much is known about Tracy's background. But it is known that Chozen is her older brother. Chozen used to help her with gymnastics when she was nine, then Chozen went to jail and she gave up.


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Memorable quotesEdit

"You're shitting with the door open...?"